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Practice Areas

Trials and litigation

Disputes occur between individuals or businesses over a variety of issues.  Litigation can be costly and emotionally draining.  It is important to have an attorney who understands your concerns, your goals, the law, and the range of likely outcomes. 

We work to obtain favorable results for our clients by careful preparation and presentation.  In the right situation, we will attempt to settle with the opposing party.  In other cases, where litigation is necessary, we will vigorously represent our clients and aggressively argue their interests.

We keep our clients informed throughout the process.  We meet with them as often as necessary.  We make certain they understand the benefits and risks.

We have assisted clients in real estate disputes, easement and lot line disputes, misrepresentation claims, business disputes, contract claims, theft by contractor claims, collection of debts, employment claims, will and trust contests and interpretation, libel and slander matters, foreclosures, construction disputes, vehicle accidents, and other personal injury cases.

William A. Swendson is our primary litigator.  He is well respected in the legal community and by court commissioners and judges.  He has a history of excellent results.  He is looking forward to helping you.