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As part of Swendson/Fey Law Ltd.’s mission to help people protect their families and grow their businesses, Swendson/Fey Law Ltd. offers a monthly newsletter to our clients, friends and strategic partners to address current issues and developments in the law.  The following is the archive of our past issues.  If you would like to receive future editions, please contact us.

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2011 Newsletters


The Wealth Counselor



A monthly newsletter for wealth planning professionals

The Wealth Counselor V6-I1 (pdf)
Highlights of the New Estate, Gift and
Generation-Skipping Tax Legislation

The Wealth Counselor V6-I2 (pdf)
Planning Opportunities Under 2010
Tax Act

The Wealth Counselor V6-I3 (pdf)
Planning with the $5 Million Gift Tax

The Wealth Counselor V6-I4 (pdf)
Using A Limited Liability Company (LLC)
To Transfer A Family Business

The Wealth Counselor V6-I5 (pdf)
Harnessing the Power of Trusts to Help
Your Clients and Grow Your Practice

The Wealth Counselor V6-I6 (pdf)
Working with Charities for Fun
and Profit

The Wealth Counselor V6-I7 (pdf)
Income Tax Planning Concepts in
Estate Planning

The Wealth Counselor V6-I8 (pdf)
Top Income Tax Planning Ideas for 2011
and 2012

The Wealth Counselor V6-I9 (pdf)
Niche trusts

The Wealth Counselor V6-I10 (pdf)
Trustee Selection for Irrevocable

The Wealth Counselor V6-I11 (pdf)
Asset Protection Planning - Teamwork IS
Required for Success

The Wealth Counselor V6-I12 (pdf)
Retirement Planning: Coordinating with the
Client's Overall Planning Objectives