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As part of Swendson/Fey Law Ltd.’s mission to help people protect their families and grow their businesses, Swendson/Fey Law Ltd. offers a monthly newsletter to our clients, friends and strategic partners to address current issues and developments in the law.  The following is the archive of our past issues.  If you would like to receive future editions, please contact us.

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September (pdf)

  • Protect yourself
  • Minor Children Accounts
  • Federal Estate Tax Overhaul

 August (pdf)

  • Bank failure protections
  • Vacation home tax exemption

 July (pdf)

  • Funeral Decisions
  • Selling a home now
  • Health care advocates

June (pdf)

  • Ready for retirement?
  • Choosing a contractor
  • Canceling Life Insurance

May (pdf)

  • Privacy Tips
  • Planning for pets

April (pdf)

  • Title 19 update
  • New tax break for surviving spouses
  • Tax advisor trouble



The Wealth Counselor V3-11 (pdf)
Year-End Planning Opportunities: More Than You Might Expect

The Wealth Counselor V3-10 (pdf)
New FDIC Insurance Rules and Limist: Are Your Clients Fully Protected?

The Wealth Counselor V3-9 (pdf)
Final Expense Trusts

The Wealth Counselor V3-8 (pdf)
Captive Insurance Companies - Creating Current and Recurring Revenue

The Wealth Counselor V3-7 (pdf)
Section 1035 - Tax-Free Exchange of

Life Insurance Policies

The Wealth Counselor V3-5 (pdf)
Income Tax Planning

The Wealth Counselor V3-4 (pdf)
Planning for Long-Term Care

The Wealth Counselor V3-3 (pdf)
Planning for Unmarried Couples

The Wealth Counselor V3-2 (pdf)
Planning for the New "Zero Percent" Tax Bracket

The Wealth Counselor V3-1 (pdf)
Exciting New Developments in Buy-Sell Planning

The Wealth Counselor V2-12 (pdf)
Opportunities with Planning for Pets

The Wealth Counselor V2-11 (pdf)
New Planning Opportunities with Non-Spouse Rollovers

The Wealth Counselor V2-10 (pdf)
Simplifying the Taxation of Trusts

The Wealth Counselor V2-9 (pdf)
Understanding the Significance of Trusts

The Weatlth Counselor V2-8 (pdf)
Aid and Attendance Benefits

The Wealth CounselorV2- 7 (pdf)
Life Settlements

The Wealth Counselor V2-6 (pdf)
Understanding Medicaid Planning

The Wealth CounselorV2- 5
Planning for Disability

The Wealth Counselor V2-4 (pdf)
Planning for Tax-Qualified Plans

The Wealth Counselor V2-3 (pdf)
Understanding Educational Savings Vehicles

The Wealth Counselor V2-2 (pdf)
529 Plan Benefits Made Permanent by the Pension Protection Act

The Wealth Counselor V2-1 (pdf)
The Pension Protection Act: New Opportunities for Retirement Planning